Social Media Upload

Social Media Photo Upload

Social Media integration allows you to extend your event into the social media world by having your customers, employees, or guests, promote your brand as they share their photos on Facebook, Twitter, and email live during your event!
Posting a photo is as easy as 1, 2, 3. One, we snap a photo. Two, the guests select a social network to share on. Three, the guests write a short message and hit post! The user gets an enjoyable way to take high quality photos, branded with your graphic overlays, and share them with friends instantly!

Send to guests Email

Your guests can instantly email their photographs to up to 3 different email addresses at one time. Each email is branded with a pre-determined message, subject line, logos, links, etc.

Send To SMS/Text 

Your guests can instantly text their photographs to any local mobile device. Each text is branded with a pre-determined message, subject line, logos, links, etc.

Send to guests Facebook Album

Your guests can instantly upload their images to their Facebook site and the album name will be branded with your event title! For example, all photos from a party for Nike could go to an album called "Nike 3rd Annual Slam Party Photos", which would be automatically created on your guests' Facebook page when they upload their photo.

Send to guests Twitter

Just like Facebook, your guests' can upload their images to their Twitter account and yo

Graphics Overlay

Every image will be branded with a custom graphic overlay or green screen background that is created for your event. The overlay or green screen background are embedded on the images and displayed on the tablet for the guests. All images sent to Facebook, Twitter, or Emails will include your custom design for maximum event branding.

Post to Facebook Fan Page

Any photo uploaded to Twitter, Email, Guest personal Facebook profile, or print will ALSO automatically be posted to your Facebook Fan Page in the album of your choice.

Wi-Fi Needs

To allow guests to post to Facebook, Twitter, and email instantly at the event you will need a reliable internet connection. There are two different ways to get online at a venue. We like to have both of the following in place although we know this is sometimes not possible.
Plan A - Client provides Ethernet connection
Plan B - Client provides reliable Wi-Fi access

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