Candid (Roaming) Photography

Frequently Asked Questions

Candid (Roaming) Photography

Candid photography captures the spontaneous and un-posed moments that can really express how much fun your guests had. Using candid photography, you can create naturally expressed memories that portray the live pulse of your event.

Our event will have speakers and an award ceremony; will a candid photographer be a distraction during the event?

Our specialized personnel has the experience and expertise to capture the candid, natural flow of your event and get the perfect shots of your guests' most memorable moments. And, we do it all without interrupting the true meaning of the event.

What are my options for copies of the images?

We can print photos on-site; provide high resolution images on CD or your guests can download their photos online.

Who has the rights to the images from the event?

Extreme Photography Studios has full rights to the images. However, depending on the circumstances and how the job is quoted, we will grant licenses for indefinite usage across all media for promotional, advertisement and personal use. We will, however, always retain the right to use all imagery for the purposes of self-promotion.

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