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Do You Believe? Well we do and there is nothing more magical than to watch as the children smile and laugh when they walk into Santa's workshop and talk with the real Santa Claus!
What makes this tradition and this company unique in the holiday photography business is the timeless devotion to quality and customer satisfaction. Each year, the wishes and smiles are different and uniquely special. The family owned company remains proudly committed to the quality of the experience and photograph that captures memories to last a lifetime…year after year.

Santa's Workshop

Whether you just need a Santa Claus or a complete Santa workshop, we can bring the holiday magic to your event! Our 20x20 Santa Workshop comes complete with walls, flooring, and decorations. For smaller events, our booth can be sized down and still have the same magical, holiday feel!

Benefits of offering photos with Santa for your event
    • Photos are branded with your company logo

    • Attract more customers into your store for a photo with Santa

    • Photo keepsakes that customers will display in their home

    • Creates a fun experience at your store or business

    • A Santa Workshop Display that looks attractive in your storefront

We can provide wallets up to 8x10 with a holiday folder printed within minutes at your event. We will create graphic overlays that include your company & event information or we can simply create beautiful family style portraits that will be treasured for years to come!
Photographs taken at your event are more special than the pictures from a mall photo company. Your guests are able to spend more time with Santa and won't have to wait in line for hours.

Santa Visits

Imagine the happiness and joy a Santa Claus visit will bring to your home for both young and young-at-heart. You can arrange now to have a Santa home visit to suit your needs.
The jolly old elf himself will visit your home in person and distribute your presents while you video or photograph the occasion. Flexible and mutually agreed upon terms and times.

A REAL SANTA, NOT an imitation!

Our Santas feature natural beard and mustache, authentic red Velour suite, black boots, white gloves, and jingle bells. Roly -poly and Jolly. Besides, uncles, fathers, mothers and brothers and everyone else who USED to play Santa are all present at the gathering . . . so the children wonder, “who IS this guy?” It must be the really, truly, good old jolly Saint Nicholas!

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